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I understand everybody who smokes. Don’t we all have weaknesses apart from our strengths? Thus, I don’t have the right to run down others.

We should not only renounce smoking, but also excessive alcohol consumption, talking bad, defaming others, cursing, driving too fast, living out sexuality uninhibitedly. We shouldn’t lie or steal.

We are God’s children and through our life we should proclaim and glorify God’s works. With our talents we should be a blessing.

Body, spirit and soul form one unity. The body is carrier, cover for spirit and soul, a phenomenal creation. Its mostly flawless functioning is amazing. “Sound mind in a sound body”, goes a wise thought. If I harm my body through insufficient sleep, alcohol, too much eating or smoking, sooner or later the spirit and the soul will be affected. We are only reasonable and responsible if we treat our body lovingly and regardful.