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Love between two humans has the biological purpose of preserving the species, thus to reproduce. This purpose cannot be fulfilled by homosexual couples. Furthermore, the union of a man and woman has the purpose to enrich one another. Thereof new strength for the everyday life should arise. The couples should intimately become more and more unified. Love also benefits mutual development and mutual assistance.

In order for a little child to have ideal prerequisites for its development, its father and mother should care together for the physical needs of the child as well as for its emotional and spiritual well-being. Emotional security and a healthy vitality develop within the child through the experience of confidence, love and thankfulness; thus through setting an example by living desirable values.

Love comes from God to mankind. We humans may receive this love and give it away. Love can only be preserved and multiplied in the purity of the heart. Love is bound to the regularities of what is good, or it vanishes. Therefore, there is no love detached from morals. It is God’s will that sex between a couple happens out of love and includes the possibility of reproduction. Love never says “I”, but “you” or “we”. Love also is willing for self-sacrifices. In this respect, think primarily about motherly love.

Friendship is something different. It is a temporary union and can and also should flourish between same-sex people. Every woman should have a good friend with whom she can talk about everything. Every man should have a best friend. Friendship does not mean that you always have to agree. It means that you help one another with words and deeds and that you honestly maintain an opinion, even if your friend has a different one. A friendship can be full of love. Love in a friendship, however, has a different purpose and another form. It is therefore not about love-making.

If people from a same-sex friendship make love, it is contrary to nature and a misdirection. What is to be done if feelings and lust pull us on this wrong track? Thus, our spirit is challenged. The spirit is able to analyze the situation and to draw conclusions as done above. Many people live a life of sacrifices. Think about paralytics, cancer sufferers, addicts. Is it good to say to an alcoholic that his addiction is o.k. or doesn’t he damage himself and others directly or indirectly?

People who feel attracted to homosexual love should first see whether this is solvable by understanding the situation and with therapeutic or pastoral help. Often this is solvable. If not, we are asked to not live out this inclination. We should therefore have good friends but should not slip in a sexual adventure which goes directly against the universal order. If we look back on world history, the share of homosexual couples increased significantly, before these cultures decayed.

From a view of pastoral care, people with the inclination to homosexual love are as valuable persons as everybody else. Every person has its strengths and weaknesses. These people deserve our entire human acknowledgement. However, we may not view their inclination of equal value as the attraction between a man and a woman. Love between a man and a woman has the creative purpose of reproduction. Also in marital love there is an order and there are rules which are to be followed. Also there is and have been many things that are not good. Also there, true love, which gives without demanding, is the first commandment!

«For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.» Almost all bad inclinations can be transformed by God’s love and with his help into pure vitality. And for all misdirections of all forms, which we are not able to be changed in this life, God gives us the strength to bear them with love and patience and to keep them in rein. A person driven to stealing may also not live out its inclination. Someone inclined to be driven by rage also doesn’t have the right to beat others out of frustration. A drug addict deserves our full love and care, however, we may not view his addiction as something normal.

In the bible this distinction is done in the following way: «God loves the sinner but hates the sin.» What is sin? Segregation from God. By doing wrong we leave God’s reach and go away from his light. We shall pray and request that we ourselves, our friends, our enemies and whole mankind may recover from their weaknesses and failures. Let’s pray that the kingdom of God is to be fulfilled more and more within me. Let’s pray that there is a blossoming of creation and that everything finds its way back again to God’s eternal, glorious order.

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