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In view of so much suffering, war and distress you could be overwhelmed with resignation, sadness and despair. You might think: Why do I study? Why do I fight my way from one exam to the other? Nothing makes sense!

You have good future prospects if you are aware that your true future is a never ending time in God’s eternity.

God allows that tests and blows of fate happen to us. By struggling for the good and enduring difficult days we strengthen our fortitude and become faithful to God. Especially in this difficult time you will become a role model for your fellow men since they will see your hope and confidence for a fulfilled, meaningful life.

All you do in God’s name will turn into wonderful blessings in this life and in your life after death. Whatever you began to do out of love on this planet you may continue in heaven in pure joy and perfection. What you’ve earned in difficult times through work and prayer will be of true help during the time of hardship.

Always be confident and of good cheer. Never let yourself down by the spirit of resignation and desperation. If you follow these advices you become less impatient and uneasy. You will never despair of the contradictions of these days. You are less subject to mood changes. You are filled with an inner happiness that makes you healthy.