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Live together before the marriage is not permitted. It is a sin before God. The person who takes what belongs to marriage without being blessed by the sacrament of marriage before, is like someone who simply rejects a great heritage because he cannot wait for it for a year.

Men and women are virtually called by love, which unifies body and soul, to be contributors in God’s creation. For this important charge, for this high dignity, God wants to give us his blessings and his love, so that the best can come out of it. Don’t the children-to-be deserve being conceived under best premises: Under God’s blessings, in pure love, in the desire of the heart and in the disposition for a child?!

What burdens does the couple take upon themselves if they, for the sake of their lust, simply ignore the commandments, which are valuable road maps! They reckon to enjoy life, however, they are putting up new obstacles for themselves. We can betray our brain by persuading ourselves: That doesn’t matter. I’m allowed to do that and it brings me so much bliss and happiness. However, our soul senses the whole truth and changes with our actions, in a positive or negative way! In addition, regarding these “stolen fruits” pregnancy has to be prevented. These politics of prevention leave behind deep marks in the soul and later in the body. We are using violence against our spirit, soul and body. The human nature is being disturbed which always has consequences. And we depart ourselves from God’s rays of love, just as Adam and Eva were hiding when they noticed God’s coming in the Garden of Eden.

Whoever learns to control his drives before getting married has brought forward a real proof of love for his partner. Thereby, his self-control grows tremendously. Thus, men as well as women can be faithful more easily in marriage. Also, in marriage one cannot live out desire of one’s own accord. The couple is only allowed to have sex if both agree. While waiting out of love, our mental faculties grow and the becoming one is turning into a special gift. Whoever does family planning by practising natural conception control, by considering the infertile days, shows his wife respect and true love.

Our faith is not hostile to sex. Mutually giving oneself to the other person is the biggest union of two people, like it is written in the bible “and they will be one flesh”. Also, at the same time, the mental faculties are exchanged. The giving oneself to the other person out of love and with God’s blessings is important and strengthens the bonds among the couples. It also helps to bring back harmony if there were problems, provided, that there is love in the everyday life and love of neighbour and that the mutual deference is maintained at all times.

It is disastrous if young people enjoy everything that belongs to marriage. Thus, they can never build up true capacity for love. The being together becomes ordinary, partners change and the sentiments of the soul become callous. Then perversions are practiced. How many souls are being hurt in doing so and women degraded to slaves? There would be so much more to say. The guardian angels put this in the hearth of everyone and you can hear it if you are honestly opening up, wanting to live the truth better and better. Sex before marriage is not a deadly sin. However, it is and stays an insult to God, just as St. Michael expressed it. Who has sex before marriage may attend mass, ask God for forgiveness and receive the sacraments. But the will to improve goes with it.

Why don’t we want to receive the sacrament of marriage and let our bond be blessed after testing the relationship well? Thus, blessings could unfold for us and our children and their children for evermore. By that, the world would become nobler and more valuable.

“Though the righteous man falls seven times a day”, Christ said. This shall be comfort as well as reason for modesty and caution not to condemn others. There’s enough to do with our own flaws. I know people who had sex before marriage, because they didn’t know better, and they are wonderful people, thanking God for everything he gives them. Furthermore, it is written: “God loves the sinner, but hates the sin”. With our whole love we should strive to come closer to God and to replace our vices with practised virtues out of our own will. Faith should never become a straitjacket. It is not ideal if we do something out of fear for the punishment. We should subordinate to God out of free love, so that one day we can be integrated in the heavenly order.