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The vibrations of music flow through body, soul and spirit. Music has an overall impact on everybody. Music can be healing, comforting, vitalizing. Music can also excite us, stir us up, urge us to use violence and make us depressive.

At different times, people need different types of music. Folk music, folk songs, spiritual songs, art songs, classical music, but also jazz, Schlager music etc. are all good at the right time.

If we strive for order, harmony, peace, happiness and joy, we should avoid music that is too loud, exalting violence, has distorted rhythms or negative lyrics.

Many experiments, including ones which investigated the impact of music on plants, made clear that music has a great impact for the good as well as for the bad.

Beethoven said: “From up there it has to come, whatever should touch the heart. Otherwise it’s just notes”. Paul Kuhn said: “Music inspired by God’s spirit is nourishment for the soul”.