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Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. The best way to overcome my weaknesses is by being happy about my strengths and by honing them, be it music, sport, school, work, social abilities or emotional intelligence.

«The secret of joy is to be happy about what you have and not to be angry about what you don’t have» (Emil Meier). Yes, joy is the foundation of success. Joy gives ease, strength and courage. Joy revives your mind, your soul. Joy flows through our whole being with positive energy.

I should not become angry about my weaknesses because anger is just like an electrical short. Within moments it eats up our energy and it takes days until it is won back.

Choose one weakness you intend to work on and ask your guardian angel for help. In your mind you work out steps of improvement and each day before going to sleep you speak very consciously a couple of times the following into your soul:

I know that thanks to the divine power and the help of my angels I am becoming better and better at being silent. I am filled with silence and peace which makes me placid and well-adjusted.

If you have other weaknesses you would like to overcome, change the second part of the suggestion. It is crucial that I do not name the weakness, but the goal, the state I want to achieve. Only positive words may be spoken, because whatever we put in our souls strives after realization. If I say: I’m not fearful anymore, thus fear is planted into the soul and will continue to grow.