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Everybody longs for friends, for people with the same interests, who accept us, who like us, who share our views and our interests. Whether I find friends mainly depends on myself. Can I approach others? Can I listen to what they say? Can I bear a joke? Do I feel quickly insulted? Do I judge and condemn often or am I able to accept other people’s opinion without having to propagate my opinion as the only correct one? Do I backbite or do I defend absentees and weaker people? How do I react in a group? Do I suggest new ideas or do I not have any? Do I mostly criticize other people’s ideas?

If I’m questioning myself and then improving myself, I will become more likeable for others and my charisma will be positive and winning. Others will notice that unconsciously and will like you. «Thoughts are powerful», Paul Kuhn taught us.

«What goes around, comes around», we say in our colloquial language and mean the law of resonance. True friendship grows slowly.

You are only being a friend if you can keep a secret and if you prove to be a friend with a sympathetic ear, being there with help and advice when your friend is not doing well.

Approach others without any prejudices. Listen to what they say without having to immediately weigh in your opinion. Take part when you are invited to. Don’t give up after a failure! Sense how others are feeling and empathize with them. Thus, ties develop and soon your opinion and advice are needed. If someone wants to choose the wrong path, speak your mind calmly and clearly.

Did you know that angels want to be our heavenly friends? And did you know how valuable these friends are? They strive with all their strength to put the good into our hearts, to warn us against evil, to watch over us and to lead us to our destination, which is eternal life in heaven.