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Our heavenly father created man in his own image. He breathed an immortal soul into each of us, he gave us talents and placed tasks into our soul. In each person good and evil can be at work. We live on this earth between the poles of heaven and hell. We mature by doing good and we mature because we struggle with weaknesses which we overcome or at least contain with big effort and God’s help.

And now the crucial question: Who gave humans sexual power?

Our sexual power is a gift from God, just like all the other instincts and talents we have. With this gift of creation men may cooperate in creating. From the union of a man and a women a child, a new creation, comes into being. What great power and responsibility God has put in our hands. Our character is decisive whether happy or burdened souls come into the world.

The sexual instinct is one of the strongest forces in humans. It is most difficult for us humans to handle this enormous creative power. Instead of being connected with the divine love to receive great blessings for mankind, this instinct is often abused as an ecstatic pleasurable sensation and degraded to a superficial, short-living enjoyment.

From an early age we should practice to handle the other areas where we have urges that are easier to deal with. We should strive for what is good, learn to abstain and to find the right balance and to strengthen our Christian sentiment. Then, we are able to carefully deal with our sexual instinct and to apply this creative power to pass on life in purity. This can only be achieved if we are striving for purity in our thoughts, vision, speaking, our actions and if we avoid all that is impure. This holy creative instinct shall not get out of control, become primitive and end up in the gutter.

There is no greater intimacy, no more intensive connection than the becoming one in the unconditional dedication of man and woman. Also mental faculties are exchanged and a spiritual connection is formed. Therefore, God has exalted marriage as a frame for this act of creation, blessed it and let it become an irrevocable sacrament (an act of God’s grace).