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The main thoughts you can look up under the question regarding smoking.

Very often people who are overindulged in alcohol are very sensitive by nature. They often had too little self esteem, experienced too little affection and understanding and in the early youth they had to bottle up too many heavy problems and burdened their souls with them. Thus, alcohol apparently became a comforter for the soul. In drunkenness they feel strong, detached from the burdensome problems of everyday life, simply being free for a couple of hours from all burdens. However, afterwards everything is worse. Alcohol is not a solution, but a drug, which can cause addiction and infinitely sorrow, pain and hardship.

Alcohol is not bad in general. It is a natural product and can be applied as a remedy if dosed correctly. Alcohol may also be consumed if one is able to find the right balance. But whoever is easily endangered should break away from it completely. The Blue Cross, the Salvation Army and many other institutions provide help.