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There are two types of studying: the studying for school and work, which means the acquirement of knowledge and skills and the studying for life, which refers to the development of our personality.

For all studying, our genuine will, our effort and our perseverance are important. Little children show us with what kind of enthusiasm humans are learning naturally. They observe, imitate, discover and repeat until they’ve reached their goal. They try as hard as possible and find new strength while resting.

Resting and order are decisive for allowing a kind of concentration that brings together all our senses, thoughts and our strengths of mind to the basic so that everything around us vanishes. Other important requirements for studying are confidence in our own abilities, interest in the issue being studied and joy about every little success.

We have a very valuable learning aid in the knowledge on the way our subconscious works. In this respect, positive thinking is fundamental. We learn best when we are involving our head, heart and hand.

It would go too far to get into the issue of practical studying.

Religion, family and good friends are of great help when learning for life. We can proceed from the assumption that all incidents in life, the small ordinary ones as well as the big strokes of fate, are measured out from God’s gracious almightiness. Nothing happens by chance. Everything makes sense!