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This is a wonderful question, a noble wish.

1. Faith is and will stay a matter of faith.
Faith is grace, which means a gift from God.
Therefore, one should not trifle with faith and even less it is allowed to force faith on others or to persuade them.

Faith is like a wonderful flower which only grows when it is given good soil, light, warmth, air and enough room for development.

Thank God, there is not simply one true faith. There are many good religious communities who dearly do what they’ve perceived as being right. They love God and are thankful, they love their neighbour as themselves and therefore they are doing what is best.

If I really want to lead others to faith, faith needs to first flourish with life in myself. From the bloom, fruits will ripe. If these fruits are delicious, others will want to eat from it as well! Our own good example is decisive, our deeds and not our pious words. Many can speak and write beautifully. But Christ gave us the parable of the tree bearing good fruits. “You will know them by their fruits.”

Furthermore, we may pray, asking God and his angels for others so that he may awake in them the grace of faith.

It is also allowed to be a good listener and to contribute a little thought at the right moment. This should be done out of true love and not in hopes that I can win someone for my faith and to be able to add one more person to the flock.

Our will shall only be a service for this person out of love, not out of expediency.

Yes, if we have faith, we have the task to pray for all people and to grow in love for all people, so that our tree will bear good fruits and thus blessings for the whole world.

Only love can bring goodness.

In this sense, I therefore wish lots of joy, love, strength and blessings so that your life may succeed.