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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may attend the church services?
Everyone is welcome to attend all services as well as all of the other events. The monthly programme can be viewed here: Gottesdienste.

Do you have to become a member as a worshiper?
There is no membership at the Work of St. Michael. Thus, there is no church tax and no commitment in general. Everyone visits the place according to his needs. No one is committed to take part in rituals such as holy water, sign of the cross or genuflection.

How do you finance your work?
The major revenue source comes from church offerings. At the church exits, there are offering boxes where every visitor may or may not insert something at his own discretion. Additionally, there are occasional donations in the course of the year.

How is the Work of St. Michael organised?
The Work of St. Michael is a registered religious association according to Art. 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. It is caritative-oriented and therefore tax-exempted. The twelve members of the association carry responsibility in a variety of organisational issues. The different areas of departments work independently and inform the whole board quarterly.

Any further questions?
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If you have personal questions, concerns and needs, send us an e-mail: seelsorge(at)