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Retreats for a positive and good way of life

Days of inner contemplation help to deepen our faith and to approach the tasks in our daily life, thanks to new impulses, with renewed enthusiasm. We learn to better understand the dangers of our time with their consequences. Furthermore, we learn how to encounter them effectively with a Christian way of life.

In an impressive way, you gain insight into the development and the spiritual legacy of this Place of Grace. Sound and picture meditations as well as relaxation trainings are able to deepen the things heard and gift the attendants with vitality, buoyancy and faith. The retreats always begin on a Wednesday – or Thursday evening – with the celebration of the Holy Mass and end with Sunday morning Service.

It is not about a new faith or a new teaching, but about a deepening and renewal in the Christian faith on the basis of a true ecumenism. Thanks to the simple and straightforward teaching, everybody can live life more conscious and joyful and can find the way to God. Thousands, whether Catholic, Protestant or of another religion, were able to deepen their Christian faith and to newly turn towards God at heart.

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