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The Golden Rosary
«The Rosary is the strongest weapon against evil», heaven repeatedly told us.

On Christmas Day 1987 the Blessed Mother of God gave us, out of great love and care, the legacy of the Golden Rosary. It is prayed at the Place of Grace before each worship service with the central request:

«Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love you! Save souls!»

The Golden Rosary is available on DVD. See “insights” > submenu “infomaterial” on this website.

Lord, my God
Lord, my God, strengthen my spirit
that it prevails over
the weaknesses of my soul and
that my body
can become a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer to Guardian Angel
My Guardian Angel and my Angel of Strength!
Let us be commended to you.
Day and night I ask you
to protect, reign and lead me.
Help me to live good and devout,
so that I one day will be with you in heaven.

Prayer to St. Michael
Glorious Prince of heaven’s army, holy Archangel Michael,
protect us in fights against principalities and powers,
against the dominator of this darkness,
against the spirits of malice under the heaven!

Come to help the people
who God created in his image and allegory
and freed for a heavy price from Satan’s tyranny.

The Holy Church worships you as its patron saint.
The Lord, our God, surrendered to you the dearly bought souls,
to lead them back home to the joys of heaven.

Ask the God of peace to defeat Satan’s power underneath our feet,
so that he cannot dominate the people
and cannot harm the Church anymore.

Prayer from St. Raphael
Lord, my God, enlighten my heart.
Free me from all chains of sin.
Teach me the true faith, the unmistakable hope,
the perfect love and the profound humility
so that I can understand your will in everything.
Give me the strength to carry everything that you load me with
so that I become a light for those who are in darkness.
                                            read out 21 October 2000 


Jesus shines through me and heals
Jesus Christ is within me.
My soul has seen his light.
This light heals me from within.
It shines through me and surrounds me.

Nothing negative can invade this light.
Only what is pure and perfect proceeds from him.
He lets my cells and organs heal.

My eyes are windows of my soul
and they give this light away in the form of love and mercy
to all those who are in grief, despair and misery.

I became a source of light for my surrounding and the whole world.

I thank you, my Lord, for this great grace.

                        given in June 2001 by Cherub Melach


Your soul shall be the well
from which in the future clear and pure
nourishment from the Most High
to satisfy and redeem.

Give us what we need to live:
Grace, love, trust,
so that we constantly pursue to climb,
through this dark time into the light!

Lord, give me the grace
to live the love that unites hearts,
that gives without demanding,
that is silent where strife threatens,
that unifies where there’s disagreement,
that comforts where tears flow,
that guides where light is missing.
                                       St. Uriel

Your words, your thoughts and your deeds should be filled with joy and happiness because you are prepared to do sacrifices with Jesus Christ and because you can say:

You are within me.
Whom should I be afraid of?
You think, feel, speak, suffer
and are happy through me.
I am entirely yours and you are entirely mine.
I completely entirely belong to you alone.

I am free from the chains of sin
through your presence in me.
Draw me towards you,
so that I give from your glory to those,
who honestly ask for it.

                                        Cherub Melach

Daily you should say this prayer. Say these words in complete humility and you will be free from fear and sadness. 

You all know: Fear is the worst advisor, because anxiety for a person attracts what you fear.