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Enlightening Introduction

If we are willing to open ourselves up to the light, we are often faced with obstacles. People need a sustainable foundation, not only in the professional career but also on their spiritual way in order to develop and grow.

The first commandment says: «Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.» Thus, being a Christian starts within our heart, within our soul. Therefore, our soul should be fathomed, cared for and nourished to its furthest. This is the teaching from the spiritual father Paul.

For everyone who was able to witness the introduction by Paul Kuhn, his powerful words were cause enough to plough up the field of ones soul and to pluck up the courage to change your life. Paul did not teach anything that he himself did not experience or go through. Thus, many can take him as a great role model and example. His great knowledge that he conveyed founded on a hard school of life, connected with strict trials. Through God’s dispensation he was led into great hardships in order to be a friend and helper for those who are seeking help.

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